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In the name of continuous innovation, our researchers are constantly at work to develop new biotechnologies and advanced innovations to improve our products and treatments.

Corundum Powder
Micronized Corundum Powder Scattered in Oils

State of the art Peeling Treatment

Our researchers at Lycofarma have developed an innovative treatment for Microdermabrasion (patented), based on Micronized Corundum Powder Scattered in Oils and able to activate a “delayed lubrication”, i.e. it increases its lubrication the more it is massaged. How it works: Corundum Crystals evenly exfoliate the tissues, removing the superficial stratum corneum and smoothing the skin. Blackheads and sebum are brought to the surface and superficial hyper-pigmentation lightens up. Skin imperfections, wrinkles and scars become less evident. The blood inflow generated by the heat brings oxygen and nourishment to the surface of the skin and activates cell repairing mechanisms. This innovative biotechnology allows to exfoliate the skin in depth and gently at the same time, delicately and without abrasions or grazes, thanks to the delayed lubrication which makes the compound more oily, flowing and anti-friction through the massage itself.

Contrasted Heat Effectiveness
Contrasted Heat Effectiveness

Innovative Vehiculation of Active Ingredients

Resulting from advanced research, the innovative biotechnology of “contrasted heat effectiveness” allows a deeper penetration of the active ingredients which results in an increased efficacy of the product. How it works: Thanks to this new biotechnology formulation, the slimming-modelling-toning mud Pan Terrae Ferrigna, once applied, is able to create a double contrasted heat effectiveness: warm-deep at the beginning, cool-intense after 10/15 minutes. The first phase (warm) allows a better vascularization of the tissues with consequent absorption of the active principles and the removal of toxins and excess water retention. The second phase (cool) contributes to the tone and firming of the tissues and to improve the microcirculation. “Contrasted Heat Effectiveness” biotechnology allows the effective treatment of defects such as edematous and nodular cellulite, atony, laxity and telangectasia (breakage of the capillaries).

Double-Lift Formula
Double-Lift Formula

Advanced biotechnology formulation

The innovative biotechnology formula Double-Lift allows to effectively contrast the degenerative action caused by free radicals, slowing the ageing process and guaranteeing a multi-directional and ultra-deep lifting effect. How it works: This innovative formulation brings together vegetable active ingredients and antioxidants with immediate action, activated through the application itself of the product, with other active ingredients with delayed action, activated once the first group has already completed its work, ensuring a smooth “Ultra Lifting Effect”, deep and multi-directional. “Double Lift” biotechnology allows an effective wrinkles treatment, including the most pronounced on face, neck, eye and lips contour.


Biotechnology Innovation Made in Italy

To ensure an even further antioxidant effectiveness of Organic Lycopene, our researchers at Licofarma have introduced Lycocerasome®, special vegetable ceramides derived from wheat (and very similar to human ceramides), in which Organic Lycopene is micro-encapsulated. Thanks to this innovative biotechnology, Organic Lycopene can easily penetrate the skin and reach the deepest layers of the derma, where it is slowly released to perform an effective dermo-repairing and protective action against free radicals, and to strengthen the microcirculation walls.