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Licofarma is an italian high technology firm which operates in continuous research and innovation at the service of your health.

We work with passion and dedication to offer innovative solutions to protect and improve the health and wellness of people.

Our research activity has always led us to focus on the biotechnology sector, in the production of natural antioxidants and their application for the development of therapeutic and innovative products and protocols.

Continuous Research & Development, Technology, Excellence, Reliability, Responsibility, Respect for Nature and Environment are the core values for each one of our activities.

Research and Development

Research & Development

Italian Research

Over the past 10 years we have been active with research 100% Made in Italy which led to the birth of an innovative extraction technology for natural antioxidants, involving carbon dioxide (CO2) in sub or supercritical conditions instead of the traditional toxic and noxious chemical solvents. The developed and patented technology allows the extraction of active ingredients from solid or liquid matrices and allows the splitting of the vegetable extracts.

Continuous Innovation

Our R&D Center is the beating heart of our company. We constantly innovate by investing in new products and biotechnologies able to provide innovative solutions to specific health and wellness problems.

Formulation Excellence

Each of ours formulations is the result of an accurate selection of more performing active principles chosen for their organic properties, their bioavailability and their specific action and ability to prevent and treatment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Promotion of the Territory

The link with our territory is one of the main inspiration to our activity. We believe in the potential of the territory and have always worked with the aim to promote and contribute to the local economy and production.

Sustainable Development

The use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as extraction solvent makes our production process simple and with low environmental impact. Our production plant is environmental friendly and doesn’t produce byproducts or gas emissions in the atmosphere.

Traceability and Safety

All our processes are made in house. This guarantees traceability and complete and optimal control of the whole process and the single formulations submitted to strict tests of efficacy and endurance, to guarantee top safety in the use of the final products for the customer.

Products of Excellence

Products of Excellence

Each of the products born from our laboratories encases our history and values.

Nutraceuticals, dermatology products and high quality cosmetics, proper concentrates of effectiveness.

Natural products, microbiologically and dermatologically tested, cruelty free and made in full respect of nature and environment.


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